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As part of its corporate finance activities Nash & Co Capital arranges investments in and loans to SMEs. This is an execution only deal by deal service to a select community of professional investors, family offices and individuals.


Banks fail to lend sufficiently to assist growing SMEs even when they have material revenues and earnings, while traditional Private Equity/Credit institutions seek larger transaction sizes and/or take equity control of businesses.

Nash & Co’s experienced team source lending and investment opportunities across a range of sectors providing the SME borrower with loans of between £0.5m and £5m. We focus on UK based businesses which are growing, investing or acquisitive and are able to provide fixed assets as collateral. Typically these assets are property and/or plant & machinery owned directly by the company or connected parties.

The investors particiapting may co-invest alongside Nash & Co’s commercial partner – Nash Business Capital.

Funding the companies of tomorrow
A traditional merchant banking approach to doing business
Access to Selected opportunities

Investment Objective

Nash & Co provides access to both equity investments and secured loans made to UK based smaller companies across a range of sectors.The loan based transactions are designed to meet the needs of the investee company by offering the investors the potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns. The security will range from fixed assets to corporate debentures and from senior to subordinate ranking.

Potential investors will be given the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio of loans and investments targeting a return via a combination of interest coupons, equity linked carried interest and/or redemption premiums.


The transactions are targeted at qualified investors who already have extensive experience in the private equity sector and hold portfolios of illiquid and unquoted assets. We seek to introduce an asset class to those portfolios which delivers an attractive risk adjusted return and allows the investor to elect which opportunities most suit them.

The opportunities are not available to the general public and applications to join by investors, who meet the firm’s strict investor qualification procedures, will be assessed on a case by case basis according to their status and experience.


Investments made are not subject to any protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investing in and lending to unquoted companies carries with it a high degree of risk. Early stage companies commonly experience significant change and carry higher risk than would an investment in larger or longer established companies. Potential investors’ capital and the investment return is not guaranteed and an investor may not receive back all (or, indeed, any) of the money he or she invested. The value of assets and collateral provided as security can fall as well as rise. Nash & Co does not provide any recommendations or investment advice in respect of the suitability or merits of the investments made available and consequently Nash & Co accepts no responsibility for the performance of any investments, nor has any liability to any investor for the success of any investment or transaction in which that investor elects to participate. The investor shall bear sole responsibility for evaluating the prospects of any transaction opportunity made and should conduct his/her own due diligence and appoint his/her own financial adviser.The full risk warnings pertaining to the Loan Service is available here

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